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In this Spotlight podcast interview we sit down to have a conversation with the head teacher of the Michaela Community School, we talk about her entry into teaching, a little about her early life and in depth and impassioned conversation about her life in education

Katharine Birbalsingh is the Founder and current Head teacher of the Michaela Community School in Wembley Park. She rose to prominence after speaking in October 2010 at the Conservative Party Conference, where she delivered an impassioned speech about education after being introduced by the then Minister for Education Michael Gove.

Katharine Birbalsingh has been named by some media as the “Britain’s strictest teacher” for implementing silent corridors, and other some would say, draconian measures.

After graduating from Oxford Katharine  decided to enter into education to make a difference, Katharine is not afraid to speak out about her style of leadership and education.

Katharine was awarded a CBE in 2020, and has been listed as one of Sir Seldon’s top 20 most influential voices in education, so clearly her work and contribution is being noticed.

Check out Michaela school at

You can follow Katharine on twitter at @Ms_Snuffy

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An impassioned insight to Katharine Birblalsingh CBE

Listen to Katharine Birbalsingh's intimate podcast conversation about her early life, entry into teaching, and the impassioned conversation about her life in education.

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