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Detective Shaun Pascal comes from a family background of policing and is cited as having policing in his DNA. Joining the Metropolitan Police Service in September 2004.

On joining the Met, he quickly passed his Detective exams to move on to specialist crimes, to which he would take control of crimes scenes and being a Police liaison Officer for families.

During his  Police Training School, nominated as the most arduous working recruit.  Since being a full time serving officer, he has received four service commendations.

He is also an avid campaigner in the fight against racism in society and a man who is not frightened to place his head above the parapet, especially when it comes to knowing right from wrong.

Moreover, he is the co-owner of Black Wall St Media, a social media platform bringing you news of common interest to maintain unity as a family, community, and race of people to inspire and build our communities.

Shaun  Pascal: Service


We rise by lifting others...

The PT Show interviews a shining light in policing. Detective Shaun Pascal opens up about his life journey from the UK to New York, Canada and back to the UK in policing. 

The interview highlights Detective Shaun Pascal's great work in the social media space with being the Co-owner of Black Wall Street Media. 

Another power podcast from the Spotlight Conversation Cocollection

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Black Wall St. Media was founded to collaborate with Media Enterprises, organisations, influencers, and movements that are committed to changing the narrative on discrimination. We promote news of common interest to create and facilitate positive narratives on the diaspora.

Via our news stories, we inspire, educate, and empower with the hope that we, as a community, can solve current issues together and affirmatively inform dialogues of togetherness and cohesion.


The Black Knowledge Society

Our primary ambition is to signpost the global Black community to existing, credible resources that seek to unite us and inspire transformative action.

Our freedom lies in embracing our true selves: the accomplished, brilliant and resourceful people we were pre-slavery – and still are!  

Equally critical is that we do not make this effort to build ourselves up at the expense of another group's downfall.

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Black Wall Street Media Hub

Welcome to "The Black Wall Street Media Hub". We have many things planned for the next 3 years following the 100 year's Tulsa Race Riot Commemoration...

At BLACK WALL ST. MEDIA, our collective vocation, is centred on the building and development of our global community, uplifting and elevating our most deprived communities in the process of the work we do.

We work to maintain unity in the family. 

Shaun  Pascal: Testimonials
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