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In this Spotlight conversation interview, we sit down to have a passionate conversation with Barrister Stephen Akinsanya. A barrister with a modern approach to independent practice with more than 27 years of experience at the bar of England and Wales, he prides himself on offering efficient advice and committed and effective representation from start to finish on behalf of his professional and lay clients.

As an experienced advocate he has appeared in many complex and serious criminal cases including fraud and murder. He has been led in a number of high-profile criminal cases from the Central Criminal court to the Supreme Court. His practice also includes acting for soldiers of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, appearing in sports arbitration hearings on behalf of professional athletes and regulatory work before professional bodies.

Stephen was previously a member of the Turks and Caicos Islands Bar and he appeared as lead counsel.

Stephen has built a reputation as an approachable, conscientious professional with courteous and sensitive treatment of his solicitors and clients, both professional and lay. He has a noticeable skill of quickly putting his client at ease from the first meeting and throughout the trial process.
He provides clear practical advice and presents his client’s case with clarity and simplicity. He is regarded as a passionate and persuasive advocate.

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With the fragility of humankind, we need to be more accommodating to one another despite race, gender or creed.

A passionate and emotional interview with barrister Stephen Akinsanya. He sits down and talks openly about his family, school life, the issues with not being focused on end-of-year examinations. And his plead to the youth of today to understand the consequences of their actions. A Spotlight conversation not to be missed.

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